LeadPages Discount Coupon Code 2015: Get Max Discounts

Every successful online business understands the importance of inbound marketing. In layman’s terms, inbound marketing is attraction oriented versus outbound marketing which lays a huge emphasis on paying for customers, either through advertisements or other paid services. What does it mean to attract and how does an online entity go about targeting and attracting customers? You attract customers via the power of content. Once you have powerful and attractive content, it is guaranteed that you will have more visitors. However, this is only the beginning, you need to convert those visitors into leads- this is where the awesome platform that is leadPages comes into the picture.

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LeadPages is the best and most intuitive lead page generating platform on the market today. Every top marketing automation platform from Infusionsoft and Ontraport to Hubspot and Marketo integrate with LeadPages to Optimize conversions and sell better.

Create the best Landing Pages with LeadPages

  • Creating a variety of different Landing pages takes a matter of seconds!
  • The variety of pages you can create include: Squeeze pages, opt-in/subscription lead pages, 404 pages, Webinar Promotion pages, Sales pages, video pages, SEO Blog category pages, Adwords campaigns, Thank you pages and more.
  • The platform’s malleability is literally such that it is not a long shot to say that you can create any page that you can conceive.
  •  With LeadPages there is no where to go and no one to meet; you are the designer, the publisher and the developer.

In addition, LeadPages coupon code has a number of plans for their customers, including amazing leadpages.net coupon codes which help you save up to 57% and 40% on different plans. Click below to get the discount.

Get a discount of 57% on LeadPages:-

You can save up to 57% using leadpages.net promo code, if you purchase LeadPages Enterprise Plan with billing plan for 2 years. If you go for standard plan, you save 54% discount and on Pro Plan a discount of 50%. All this is with the billing of 2 years.

For more information, check the pricing table below:



Grab this code to get up to 57% lifetime discount.


Still not convinced…

Awesome features of LeadPages


  • LeadBoxes: Make any lead on any website trigger an opt-in box with LeadBoxes. You can use this function literally anywhere: inside WordPress, outside WordPress on HTML pages, and basically anywhere you can have a HTML link.
  • Facebook and Leads: Now you can capture leads directly from Facebook. By nudging your lead to share a link on Facebook, you create a  window of opportunity to connect on some future date and you don’t loose out on any leads.
  • Bookmarklets: With the help of this ingenious marker, you can bookmark your templates, if you’re in a hurry and come back on some later to complete you’re editing. Small ideas such as these go long in creating an efficient system!
  • A/B Testing and Analytics:This functionality is built-in to the platform. When you create a landing page, you have instant access to number of views, opt-in rates, and conversion rates for that page.  You can even select a metric and view history to see how your page has performed over time. Simply amazing!
  • Publish on numerous platforms: Although, LeadPages is primarily built for WordPress, all you have to do to publish pages on non-Wordpress sites is copy the HTML code to your website.

This features only give you a small taste of the immense potential of LeadPadges.

Do you really need more convincing? This is the best landing page generator for your online business. If you want to generate more leads and do it while making huge savings, then click the button below.

Get a discount of 40%Discount on LeadPages:

You can save around 40 %, if you buy LeadPages PRO Plan with Billing of 1 year. Along with this, you can save around 33% on standard plan and on Enterprise plan; discount of 30% can be enjoyed on an annual billing cycle.

For more information, check the pricing table below:


Grab this code to get up to 40% lifetime discount.

Monthly Pricing Plan of LeadPages:-

There are monthly plans and annual plans.

The monthly plans read:

  • Standard Plan costs $37 monthly,
  • Pro Plan costs $67 monthly and,
  • Enterprise Plan for $97 monthly

In my opinion, however, it is always better to opt-in for an annual or bi-yearly plan.

Why?  Simply because you save a lot through discounts with yearly plans.



Incase, you were wondering, yes, the reason I am able to offer you these bonuses, is because I am an affiliate of LeadPages, which means that I earn a percentage of every purchase you make through my affiliate link above. As a show of my appreciation, if you do make a purchase, I am offering these informative resource bonuses (mentioned below), absolutely free of cost!


Resource Bonus #1: The Conversion Marketer’s guide to Landing Page Copywriting


Unlock your potential for creating influential copy which will undoubtedly persuade your potential subscribers to get Subscribing!
No matter what else you may have on your web pages, including fancy templates and designs, it is a well known fact that without great copy, you’re page is worthless. After all, it is the information that people are after first and most. This book is the professional marketers guide to better conversion through strategic improvements in copy. You will find all you need to grab attention and convert, plus some extra copy tricks thrown in on the side!

Resource Bonus #2: How to Optimize Landing Pages For Conversions


The Inbound Marketing revolution has taken the online world by storm. Learn all about it and how to use various inbound techniques that will double, even triple your conversions.

Here a sneak into what the book offers:

  • Why Landing pages are important.
  • How to create a Landing page within minutes.
  • How to Optimiize each element of your landing page.
  • A/B Test your Landing Pages and find which elements are important to test.
  • Learn how to Optimize your Thank you pages, how to share your landing pages, how to tie your pages to lead nurturing and finally close the loop with Landing page Analytics.


Resource Bonus #3: Conversion Centered Design (Essential elements of high converting landing pages)



Looking for a conversion methods backed by science, look no further. This book tells you all about the significance of conversion centered design and the role that Psychology plays.

What’s in the book:

  • Find out how design is evolving and the crucial role it plays in conversions.
  • Learn about the 7 principles of conversion centered design.
  • Learn how to write persuasive copy, so that you can with prospects and not against them.
  • A/B Testing Design for highest conversions.
  • Embrace the Platforms your readers and potential subscriber use. Design for mobile conversions.
  • Industry tested examples of templates designed for conversions, so that you too can learn how to design high converting Landing pages.

There is no room for second thoughts!

With LeadPages coupon code, your online business will undoubtedly achieve huge success and well, you get to save a lot. You’re happy, and you’re clients won’t help but be persuaded. If, however, by the astronomically dim chance, you are not satisfied, you have to simply contact the support team within 30 days of your purchase and they will reimburse your entire amount. Talk about a great bargain?